There is no doubt that up-front costs are one of the toughest obstacles to successfully handling a case. You can only afford the best  expert witnesses, most effective use of depositions and efficient discovery techniques to get results for your client.

Video helps you present all that evidence in the most powerful way possible. The return far exceeds the outlay when it comes to making sure the other side has the information they need to make a substantial offer.

Face it, a consultation with us is free. In privacy, we can show you an example or two we've been authorized to use in order for you to fully understand how this can help you present your case more effectively.

It won't cost you anything to ask, and it can make a huge difference to the successful resolution of your client's case. Just watch the video to the right for what some successful clients have said.

‚ÄčMake your case STAND OUT.

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For years, attorneys have negotiated between parties to reach a fair and equitable settlement of their claims. Most states require a each side to try and reach agreement before resorting to a costly and time-consuming  jury trial.

At a Mediation, both sides will present their sides before an impartial party who will try and help them resolve their differences. They will present their cases in as compelling a way as possible so the other side will see the risk of going to trial

Videos presented during or before Mediation are the single most effective way to help opposing counsel see the merits of your case and understand your commitment to winning a substantial award for your client.

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